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The premier HTML editor for the PocketPC!

PocketHTML.Net is designed to make HTML editing simple and easy, with an emphasis on eliminating the repetitive hassles of tag entry. It's ideal for website editing, creating lists, creating richly-formatted documents, and more.


  • Customizable QuickTag buttons put your most frequently used tags just a tap away.
  • Comprehensive tag insertion menu allows insertion of nearly any standard HTML tag with only a few taps
  • Integrated HTML viewer means you can check your design's appearance instantly
  • Full Find/Replace abilities help PocketHTML.Net excel at text manipulation
  • Auto indentation helps you lay out your markup more clearly
  • Supports Tillanosoft's tGetFile.dll, Tillanosoft's free enhanced version of the standard PocketPC Open and Save As... dialogs. Unlike the standard file dialogs on the PocketPC, which restrict you to only the "My Documents" folder and one level of directories under it, Tillanosoft's tGetFile.dll lets you open and save files anywhere on your PocketPC. PocketHTML.Net automatically detects if tGetFile.dll is installed and will use it if available. If tGetFile.dll isn't installed, PocketHTML.Net will use the standard PocketPC dialogs instead.
  • Tag definitions and custom text chunks can be edited by hand, or with the included Tag Editor program. (new in 1.2)
  • VGA and Landscape compatible (new in 1.2)

And best of all... it's free! Well, okay. It's donationware. If you really like it, a $5 donation would be appreciated. But there are no nag screens, no registration codes, and no crippled functions to worry about.

So, if you're a web designer who needs to edit pages while on the go, an executive who'd like to have the flexibility and power of HTML in your documents, or just someone who's looking for a better editor - check out PocketHTML.Net. The premier HTML editor for the PocketPC.