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Open Source code and sample projects

  • Here's a C# test project that demonstrates undocumented messages in the PocketPC RichInk control:
  • A splitter window implementation for the Compact Framework 1.0:
  • I've updated the Visual Studio 2005 Hashtable Visualizer sample from MSDN to work with VS2005 RTM:
  • A sample project that shows how to use EnumFontFamilies to list fonts under Compact Framework 2.0:

Orphaned Projects

Over the last few years, I've looked at and used a variety of toolkits and libraries. Sadly, several of the companies and people responsible for these projects have disappeared. As a public service, I've mirrored the information pages and latest source files for some of these projects. Please note that I am NOT the author of these projects. I believe they are all under open-source or similar licenses, and I hope they prove useful.

iHook TableControl
Company Description Information Download
iHook CC An open-source grid designed for the Compact Framework. Features TableControl 1.3
XrossOne Mobile GDI+
Company Description Information Download
XrossOne Studio A Compact Framework implementation of the GDI+ toolkit Features GDIPlus 1.2.6
"Programming the .NET CF" Sample Code
Company Description Information Download
Paul Yao Company Sample code from the book "Programming the .NET Compact Framework in C#/VB.Net" Amazon page C# sample code
VB.NET sample code