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This control aims to be a fully user drawn replacement for the DataGrid .NET control on PocketPC.
It is fully managed (write in pure C#), every single cell is customizable, editable. Every row or column is resizable. Althought it doesn't use the same data model as datagrid, all it takes to display a DataTable or a Dataview is just one line of code. It all comes for free, under a BSD licence (meaning you could do whatever suits your needs with the code) as a VS.NET project, with the source and an example, just hit "F5" and get started.
Changes in version 1.1
  • Redrawing of a single line is 3 times faster
  • Double buffer deactivated by default (faster drawing)
  • Minor redrawing bug added ;-(black line between the headers and the body broken)
  • Editor normalised
  • Scroll pane, popup dialog and message box added 
Changes in version 1.2
  • speed
  • drawing
  • more editors for more type
  • smoother behavior
also add a Credit control, an IconButton, an owner draw ComboBox
Changes in version 1.3
  • Drawing in a table is almost nearly perfect
  • TableControl.Body now feature a Background property
  • TableControl has now a TableClick and TableClickUp event and edit on click up
  • PocketDialog class is now modal
  • EditableListEditor is now a complete an simple replacement for ComboBox
  • ApplicationEx included, with gloable exception handler and particular DoEvent(ex:WM_PAINT) added