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Chameleon is a C++ programmer's IDE specifically designed for the needs of beginning C++ students in a learning environment. It includes typical code editing features such as syntax highlighting and basic project management.

Other IDEs may have more features, but Chameleon distinguishes itself in two ways. Chameleon's interface can change itself from a simple Notepad clone into a full-fledged IDE, complete with one-click compiling and integration with the GDB debugger. In addition, Chameleon can connect to a remote Linux server through SSH. Once connected, Chameleon can open and save remote files. Chameleon also provides a built-in terminal emulator that lets the user to run commands from within Chameleon. Finally, Chameleon allows the user to compile and debug their programs on the remote server.

This combination of features makes Chameleon an ideal environment for beginning C++ students, particularly in a classroom setting. Professors can activate individual features within Chameleon, allowing the students to gradually adapt to the concepts available in a modern IDE. It also allows students an easy way to become familiar with Linux, while remaining within a standard Windows environment.